Why Use Glass Filter Tips?

Glass Filter Tips (Piff Tips)

Why should you use glass filter tips?

There are many reasons why you would use a glass filter tip rather than the traditional card roach filter tips.

  • Smoother smoking experience – Piff Tips are designed to reduce the amount of tar that reaches your mouth and lungs. You can see how much gets caught in the filter after you finish your smoke. This creates a nicer, smoother, smoking experience when you are enjoying your herbs.
  • Cleaner tasting smoke – Taste the difference for yourself. Another plus is you can smoke right up until the tip without having to worry about smoking the filter. It does not burn unlike a card filter would.
  • Easy to clean – Its easier than you would think! Every order comes with a smell proof mylar bag to store used tips in until you are ready to give them a wash. Isopropyl Alcohol (rubbing alcohol) is your best buddy for cleaning your glass filter tips. For cleaning instructions, click here.