Everyone has their own rolling preferences – some like rolling small and thin, others like rolling thick fatties. This is why we offer glass roach tips in multiple different sizes so we can accommodate everyone’s preferences. There is no need to be embarrassed about the size of tips you enjoy pressed against your lips!

Right, let’s get into it.

Do you prefer slim glass filters?

Most glass filter tips on the market are too wide for the average joint roller, which is why we developed slim glass roach tips. These slim tips are 2mm thinner than our standard original tips, which make them perfect for people who roll on the thinner side. The slim size tips are my go-to tip for when I am rolling just for myself. The smaller width ensures I do not over fill and accidentally roll one bigger than I was planning. The width of glass roach tips is often an issue for people who want to convert over to using glass filters instead of traditional rolled or folded card. If you are used to having a slim filter mouth piece in your mouth, it can feel alien or even uncomfortable to change to something a bit larger. This is why we brought out these slimmer tips, so that the width and mouth piece size is almost identical to the size of a typical hand rolled/folded roach card.

Do you roll on the larger side?

Our standard original size tips are perfect for people who like to roll medium to large size. The width and length of our standard tips make them ideal for rolling both small, medium, and also large rolls. Some people have told us that the width of our original size tips is slightly too big for their day to day liking. So if you are a person who prefers or is used to slimmer filters, we recommend you try our slim tips instead. If you regularly roll medium/large sized, then these original size tips are what you are looking for.

What Size Glass Roach Tip Is Best For You?

Need to roll bigger?

If our original size tips are not big enough for your giant rolls, try out one of our large glass roach tips. These tips are perfect for rolling sharing sized mini-bats. You can comfortably roll some pretty girthy foot longs with these large tips. Our large tips are still reasonably sized and will not be too wide for most rolling papers. When i use these large tips, I use Raw Rolls and cut the paper to my desired length. The extra paper width on the Raw Rolls is great for adding stability to the over sized mini-bat. You could even use these tips with standard king-size papers to create a girthy king cone.

Piff Tips Size Information

Here are the measurements of our glass roach tips:

  • Slim Tips: 6x25mm
  • Original Tips: 8x25mm
  • Large Tips: 10x35mm

Are you still unsure what size glass roach tips would be best for you? Try out our mixed size pack. It contains 3 different sized tips – our original size, slim size, and large size.

You like small glass roach tips?