Glass roach tips are not a new trend! People have been using them for the past 15+ years, but they haven’t reached a mass audience until the recent years. The popularity of glass roach tips has rapidly increased thanks to social media and celebrities/influencers using them. Before the hype, you could only find glass roach tips in specialist head shops or from glass blowers upon custom request.

But are they worth the hype? (we think so, but why not find out for yourself?)

Here are 5 reasons why you should ditch the traditional filters and switch to glass roach tips.

#1 – Glass Roach Tips Reduce Tar Inhalation

The special design of our glass filter tips reduce the tar inhalation of the user. Tar sticks to the inner walls and prongs of the glass roach as smoke passes through it. Tar build up in your lungs is not something you want so you should do everything you can to reduce it.

#2 – Glass Roach Tips Reduce Smoke Harshness

Piff Tips have a special design which blocks debris from entering your mouth whilst also reducing the harshness of your smoke. The textured inner wall catches tar and particles in the smoke as it passes through, resulting in a lovely smooth smoke. Many of our customers say that the improved smoke smoothness is instantly noticeable when they try one of our tips for the first time.

#3 – They Feel Great on Your Lips

There is something special about how Piff Tips feel against your lips. It feels more sturdy than a traditional filter and there are a few different mouth piece variants to choose from. You can choose from a flat mouth piece or a rounded mouth piece. They make you feel classy!

Your face after trying glass roach tips

#4 – You Can Re-use Glass Roach Tips

Glass roach tips are built to be re-used many times. They are very easy to clean using isopropyl alcohol or any commercial glass cleaner. Simply soak your used tips in isopropyl alcohol and watch the tar and resin melt away! If you look after your tips properly, they can be used hundreds of times. Piff Tips come with a resealable smell proof ziplock bag to store your used tips in until cleaning time.

#5 – You Can Buy Glass Roach in Many Sizes

Not all of us like rolling giant baseball bats. And not all of us like rolling thin mini zoots. So it’s a great thing that you can get a glass roach in sizes to suit everyone. If you are not sure what size would be best for you, try out the mixed pack. It contains all 3 size variants. We also plan on bringing out new size variants later this year (2021) towards December. Keep an eye out for the new sizes!

Man wanting a bigger piff tip

If those 5 reasons have not convinced you – why not buy a pack of tips for yourself to try and see what all the fuss is about?

Try a Piff Tip today!

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