There are many reasons why you would use a glass filter tip rather than the traditional card roach filter tips. We will list some of these reasons here. Many people are now using glass filter tips over the usual paper or card roach filter tips – and for good reason. Try out a Piff Tip today and see for yourself!

Why Should You Use Glass Filter Tips?

  • Different sizes available – Everyone has a personal rolling preference, some like to roll thinner, some thicker. Our glass filter tips come in multiple sizes to suit everyone’s personal taste. If you like to roll slim or personal sized, we recommend trying out our slim glass filter tips. If you prefer rolling on the larger size or for sharing, our large glass filter tips would be ideal for you.
  • Smoother on the throatPiff Tips are designed to reduce the amount of tar that reaches your mouth and lungs. This creates a nicer, smoother experience when you are enjoying your legal herbs. You can visually see how much tar gets caught in the glass filters after you finish your smoke, it’s quite shocking! It is a common reason people decide to ditch their usual paper card filters and use glass tips instead.
  • Cleaner tasting smoke – Taste the difference for yourself. Another benefit is you can smoke right up until the tip without having to worry about smoking the filter or burning your lips. It does not burn unlike a card filter would. Have you tried using a glass pipe before? Using a glass filter tip on your joints is very much like using a glass blunt or pipe.
  • Easy to clean – Its easier than you would think! Every order comes with a smell proof mylar bag to store used tips in until you are ready to give them a wash. Isopropyl Alcohol (rubbing alcohol) is your best buddy for cleaning your glass filter tips. We also sell our own brand of glass cleaning fluid which is perfect for melting away dirt and resins from your used tips. Check out the shop for cleaning supplies.
  • Feel classier – There is something special about rolling and using a glass filter tip. The different feel when it’s pressed against your lips, the way it feels in your hand, the cleaner tasting smooth smoke. You’d have to try one for yourself to understand!


Why should i use a glass filter tip?

If you are still not convinced about why you should use glass filter tips, why not try one out and see for yourself? You can purchase Piff Tips on Amazon UK with free next day delivery if you are a prime member.