About Us

PIFF TIPS is a lifestyle brand dedicated to upgrading your smokey experiences! Enjoy a clean, flavour-ful, smooth, classy, inhalation experience with Piff Tips!

Piff Tips are reusable hand made glass filter tips that will upgrade your rolls to the next level. Our specially designed tips enable you to taste the full flavour profile while also reducing tar inhalation – drastically reducing the harshness of the smoke. We have glass roach tips in many different sizes, catering to everyone’s rolling size preference. They are incredibly easy to hand-roll with, and our standard and slim size glass roach tips even work in rolling machines! What are you waiting for? Visit our shop page to check out our products.

What are Piff Tips glass filters made of?

Our glass filter tips are hand made from top quality borosilicate glass, which is a heat resistant glass that is widely used in the food industry. Our glass tips are 100% non-toxic and do not produce any harmful chemicals when heated (unlike traditional card filters, and filters containing dyes and other nasty stuff that shouldn’t be burnt).

How do you clean Piff Tips?

Piff Tips are not meant to be thrown away once used – they are easy to clean and reusable. Simply put your used tips in a mixture of rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol) and salt, then gently shake. The alcohol will melt off any dirt or resin, and the salt particles will help scrub off any tough bits. A bristled cleaning tool is also provided with every pack of Piff Tips. A smell-proof bag is also provided to store your used tips in until you are ready to clean them. For more information, visit the how to clean used glass filter tips page.