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✔ Less Tar Inhalation

✔ Smoother Inhales

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✔ Perfect Sizes For All

New Slim Glass Filter Tips

Looking for something a bit thinner than our original size glass roach tips? Look no further! Our new slim glass filter tips are exactly what you need. A few of our customers have asked us to make a thinner version of our original size, so here they are. These slim size tips have a diameter of 6mm (our original tips are 8mm). As someone who regularly rolls on the slimmer side, these are my new favourite size! Try one out today and see what you think.

Large Glass Roach Tips

It’s not everyday that you need to roll a fat one, but when you do – these large glass filter tips are exactly what you need. We see people selling ridiculously large and wide glass filter tips which are incredibly impractical to roll with. We took this into consideration when creating our own larger sized glass roach tips, and we believe we’ve made the perfect size without sacrificing practicality. The size measurements of these large tips are 35x10mm comparing to our original size tips (25x8mm). The extra length and width of the tips provide much needed stability to larger sized rolls. You can comfortably roll mini baseball bats up to a foot long or more with these tips!

Upgrade & Elevate Your Inhalation Experience With Piff Tips!

The team at Piff Tips is dedicated to providing the best quality glass roach tips at the best prices. Our tips are all made by hand with lots of love and care.

Our specially designed tips help reduce the amount of resin, tar, and particles in the smoke before inhalation. Notice how smooth and less harsh your smoke is when you use a Piff Tip! Enjoy a cleaner, smoother, flavourful experience while also reducing the nasty stuff.

All of our glass tips for joints are made from top quality glass.

What are you waiting for? Try a Piff Tip today and taste the difference for yourself!